What personal information do we collect?

Each time you visit our website, you provide certain information that helps us improve your experience as a user and the overall quality of your customer visit to our email. in the store. The data we collect is the device you use, your IP address, additional information such as – what region of the world you are in.
We also collect additional information about what you do in our online store. As an example, we may collect information about the websites you visit, the search terms you use, the products you search for, and more general information about your use of our website.
This is a fairly common and frequently used practice. Such information is commonly referred to as “user device information.” Here are some ways to gather this information.
One method is the use of cookies. These are small data files that are downloaded to your smartphone, tablet or personal computer when you visit our website. Each device cookie consists of a unique identifier that is completely anonymous. To learn more about what cookies are, how they are used and how to disable them, visit https://www.allaboutcookies.org.
In addition to the cookies described above, there are several other tools we can use, such as various tags or online beacons. These are small information files about your visit sessions on our website.

Information we collect during your billing process

There is personal information we collect about any user who visits our site, you can learn more about it in the “What personal information do we collect?” Section. However, there is also information that we collect only about those users who shop on the KickIn.lt website (or those who try to do so). This type of information includes personal information such as your name, your home (or account) address, delivery information, and information related to your payment. This can be your credit card number, PayPal address, and more. We also reserve the right to collect information such as your email. postal address and telephone number (if provided). As mentioned earlier, all of this is considered a common practice in online stores.
There may be times when we collect other information as well. As such, we reserve the right to collect your email. email address if you agree to receive direct marketing offers by email. by mail. It can also be your phone number or other information you voluntarily provide.

How will we use your personal information?

Every customer is really important to us. Therefore, we take full responsibility for the collection and administration of your personal information (which includes the information we collect by visiting our website and placing an order), and we would like to inform you of the ways in which we will use the information here.
If we talk about the information you enter before placing an order, it is extremely important to us because without it we would not be able to fulfill the order in any way. For example, the information you provide allows us to properly identify you as the one who paid for the goods, and ensures that the packaging with your goods will be sent to the correct address and we will be able to issue an invoice with your correct details.
The data you provide will also help us in our efforts to clarify any uncertainties regarding the order itself. For example, your email address was specified at the time of booking. An email address or telephone number will allow us to contact you quickly and efficiently so that we can communicate with you regarding all matters relating to your order. We also collect this information to prevent possible fraud, which only increases the security of actual customers. All our orders are checked for potential risks and fraud.
Once your order has been fulfilled, we will use the information you provide to make additional suggestions for products that may interest you. We’ll be able to do this until you change your preferences to indicate that you no longer wish to receive this type of message.
We will use information about the device you are using for a variety of reasons. The information we collect can help us perform a variety of tasks, such as helping to reduce potential fraud. This helps ensure the security of both our business and our customers. More broadly, we use the information we collect to improve our website and services. We can do this by looking at how users of our site use and interact with our site, as well as by evaluating the effectiveness of our marketing and advertising.

Who will we share your personal information with?

We will not unnecessarily share the data you provide with any other company. Of course, in order to provide a high level of service, we must exchange information with other companies, such as PayPal or other collection partners.
To ensure compliance with local laws, we reserve the right to share the information you provide with various law enforcement organizations in that country.

Local laws

Personal information collected from users may vary depending on the country you are in. All rules described on this page are directly applicable in accordance with the relevant European Union standards and regulations.

Contact us

We hope we’ve helped you clarify and better understand what personal information you’re providing to us. Of course, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact the contacts listed on our website.

Privacy Policy Update

In presenting this privacy policy, we want to emphasize how your personal data will be used and processed. The information on this page is considered to be the most current version of the privacy policy. Therefore, we always recommend that you check and read the information on this page regularly to find out about any changes.